Stone Street NYC & Stone Street Restaurants in Financial District NYC

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It’s almost Stone Street season again! Just think, soon you’ll be able sit outside in the heart of the Financial District NYC, “secret” back-alley style, big table filled with a bunch of buddies, sipping beers, eating some of the best pizza around…  Oh, who am I kidding? Given New York City’s Fake Winter 2012, it’s been Stone Street NYC season for a while now, which has been excellent news for lower Manhattan luxury rental residents in Financial District apartments and Wall Street apartments, as well as anyone in this town who like to have a good time. Still: as nice as it’s been, it’s only going to get better. So here’s a Stone Street New York food-and-fun overview for Spring and Summer 2012.

The Stone Street Oyster Festival in NYC

Stone Street Restaurants: A Hidden NYC Treasure in Financial District NYC

Stone Street Manhattan is a cobble-stoned, pedestrian-only street tucked away behind the rows of beautiful historic homes on Pearl Street and Coenties Alley, just south of William Street. Because of the way everything winds and curves down here, you can’t really see Stone Street’s “restaurant row” until you’re right on top of the action, adding to the sense that the place is kind of a hidden NYC treasure. But believe me: this place is no secret, and gets plenty of NYC Financial District’s hungriest and thirstiest on pleasant evenings all through the season. There are several solid Stone Street restaurants here.

Restaurants on Stone Street (Image via Urban Edge NY)

Restaurants on Stone Street (Image via Urban Edge NY)

Smorgas Chef Stone Street & Ulysses Folk House

Smorgas Chef Stone Street serves up decent Scandinavian dishes like smoked salmon and Swedish meatballs (think IKEA, but more polished, and with lots more booze). You can also find Smorgas Chef in the West Village NYC and  in Midtown. Ulysses Folk House has a beer, wine, and whiskey menu that goes on for days, as well as plenty of standard pub grub and “carvery” options to keep you going.

Stone Street Pizza: Adrienne’s Pizza Bar

But, really, the place I wind up the most often on Stone Street–BY FAR–has to be the great Adrienne’s Pizza Bar, whose giant rectangular pies–they’re listed as the “Old-Fashioned” on the Adrienne’s Menu, and feed two (if you’re starving) or three (if you’re normal), or four (if you’ve got salads and such coming too), for about $20–always make my Top 5 Best NYC Pizza list. Beautifully charred with a dense, chewy crust and a well-balanced sauce/cheese/toppings mix, an Adrienne’s old-fashioned pizza or two is the best choice for Stone Street pizza.

pizza from adrienne's pizza bar

Adrienne's Pizza Bar (Image via Lunch Studio)

Oh, and keep an eye for Stone Street special events, such as the Oyster Festival every September and the unimaginatively named but totally fun Stone Street Fest, usually in May.

Crowds on Stone Street for the Oyster Festival in NYC

Crowds on Stone Street for the Oyster Festival in NYC

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