Little Oven in Long Island City, the Best French Macarons in NYC

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French macarons are some on the most sinfully delicious treats you can imagine. And though Little Oven in Long Island City can be called a bakery, it can also be called a sweet tooth’s dream come true. Who would have guessed that some of the best macarons in NYC come from this teeny-tiny shop in LIC?

Colorful French Macarons from Little Oven in Long Island City

French Macarons from Little Oven

What is a Macaron?

If you’ve never tried a French macaron, it’s an almond cookie sandwich with a thin layer of gel or buttercream filling. And rather than being dry, this scrumptious confection is light and delicate. But believe me, with macarons, texture is everything and Little Oven, a gem among Long Island bakeries, has it mastered.

A row of macarons in Little Oven bakery, Long Island City

A Multitude of Macarons

Macarons New York Style

With their home-run macaron recipe, Little Oven was able to expand from an online bake shop into a storefront on Jackson Avenue. The exterior is no great shakes and pretty easy to miss, but when you open the door, out wafts the sugary-sweet aroma. And behind the display glass window is that pot of gold–rows of those wonderfully delectable macarons. All types of colors and flavors just waiting to be tasted. My, oh my, which do I choose?

I knew I couldn’t try just one or two, so thinking ahead, I bought a sampler to share with a friend that evening. The 12-piece box was $22 and gracefully tied with a bow. Inside looked even more elegant, with six pairs of their seasonal flavors: pistachio, cassis (black currant), caramel fleur de sel, dark chocolate, passionfruit, and raspberry. And boy, what a sight!

The first bite of each macaron blew me away–a calm, smooth flavor tapped with an almond accent. The favorites of the bunch? Definitely the caramel fleur de sel and pistachio. The caramel fleur de sel, however, was exceptional–a blend of salt and caramel that really woke the senses. In all, the sampler was impressive to say the least.

Outside Little Oven, a Long Island Bakery with French Macarons

Order Macarons at the Little Oven bakery in Advance or Online

How to Get Macarons?

Little Oven is conveniently located at 12-07 Jackson Avenue in Long Island City, just one stop from Grand Central Station on the LIRR. You can buy their French macarons in the store individually or as boxed sets. In a rush? Order macarons in advance and Little Oven will have it ready for you. Can’t get out to Long Island City? The bakery has a web site where you can order macarons online, along with their other yummy treats!

In my case, I’ll be back to Long Island bakery Little Oven often but I’m glad to have ordering options. If you happen to live in Long Island City–you’re just steps from a happy palate and some of the best macarons in NYC.


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