Communitea in Long Island City: A Teahouse in NYC

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chalkboard sign outside communitea long island cityIt was a Sunday morning in Long Island City when I came across Communitea, the neatest little teahouse on Vernon Boulevard at 47th Avenue. This is no ordinary teashop. Instead, this marvel seems to have successfully blended the coffee shop atmosphere with the teahouse framework. That’s right—at Communitea LIC, you can surf the web while sipping enough tea to make your limbs quiver.

A Transformation on Vernon Boulevard

By the way, have you been to Hunters Point/Long Island City lately? You might be surprised to see the transformation that’s taken place along Vernon Boulevard. As changes continue to sweep through the neighborhood, this street remains the heart of a culture shift. Unlike other booming hotspots, Vernon Boulevard still displays its original architecture—a charm that other areas are quickly losing.

communitea long island city building vernon boulevard

But back to my experience at Communitea. I’ve realized that it’s never easy finding that perfect “work” place. I find myself wanting a spot to grab a snack and coffee, with enough table space to simultaneously catch up on my favorite blogs. Communitea gave me hope—offering the perfect combination, along with delicious food and free WiFi.

Hunters Point was still waking up when I took the stroll along Vernon Boulevard. It was a mild and cloudy Sunday morning, and the streets were quiet. While most shops had only begun to open, Communitea was already busy brewing. Folks were enjoying tea with their late breakfast, so I decided to do the same.

The Selection at Communitea Long Island City

display of teas at communitea long island city

Behind the counter was the grand selection of loose-leaf teas, as well as two friendly employees. The extensive menu is handwritten on a chalkboard wall near the back, though I was told there were a few more unlisted items. I chose to get the Challah French Toast from the breakfast menu with a small Black Fruits Tea (with dozens of teas available, choosing one wasn’t easy). They called my name soon afterwards, and I carried my mug of steaming hot bliss to the table. The berries and currants smelled fantastic! And just when it had cooled enough to sip, my French Toast was served.

Luckily, the plate wasn’t doused in powdered sugar, and the pears were perfectly ripe and tasty. The portion was somewhat on the small side, and at $9 for the plate, it was a bit steep. But I guess the prices seem justified by the free WiFi and hip ambiance.

 Have Tea for Two at this Long Island City Teahouse

Communitea’s coolest feature is the “Afternoon Tea Service,” which is essentially ‘tea for two.’ For $23, one couple can enjoy tea with clotted cream and the shop’s freshly baked scones and pastries. But even if you come alone, this teahouse is a warm and welcoming place to work or relax.

Serving paninis and wraps at lunch and snacks all day, Communitea is the most well-rounded teahouse I’ve ever been to. If not for the food or atmosphere, the teas will make anyone want to return, even if it’s just to go! So take a walk down Vernon Boulevard and check out this one-of-a-kind teahouse—my new favorite spot.

meal at communitea long island city

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