The Cliffs at LIC Opens in May with Massive Rock Climbing Walls and Gym

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The Cliffs NYC expands to Long Island City TF Cornerstone

The Cliffs NYC is expanding to Long Island City: The Cliffs LIC

For NYC rock climbers, and especially those of you who live in any of TF Cornerstone’s Long Island City residences, this is awesome news indeed: one of the biggest rock wall climbing gyms anywhere in North America is about to open right here in LIC, over on 44th Road.

Called The Cliffs at LIC (they have another Cliffs in Valhalla, up in Westchester) this state-of-the-art facility features a staggering 30,000 square feet of climbing space–including a 60-foot wall!–and can easily accommodate some 500 climbers at the same time. The goal is to open The Cliffs at LIC the weekend of May 4, and they’re already accepting memberships.

The Cliffs LIC under construction in Long Island City - TF Cornerstone

30,000 square feet of Climbing Walls planned The Cliffs LIC, under construction in Long Island City


Rock Climbing Walls from Beginner to Advanced Levels

I was invited to go on preview tour of The Cliffs at LIC recently–not because I’m super special; you can get on the list too, by signing up right here–and, I must say, even in its unfinished state, this place rocks. There are a ton of cool things going on at The Cliffs at LIC, for all ages, levels of experience, and areas of interest and expertise.

I won’t get into all the details, but highlights include more than 125 top rope stations (which is like straight climbing) as well as plenty of lead climbing courses (which is the most similar to outdoor rock climbing), and a huge, 16-foot, top-out bouldering area.

Climbing walls and bouldering at The Cliffs Climbing Gym -TF Cornerstone

Climbing walls and bouldering for all at The Cliffs Climbing Gym


Climbing Gym Lets You Explore The Option of Rock Climbing Fitness

The Cliffs at LIC also offers a complete fitness gym, a rappel tower, and a crack team of professional climbing instructors and trainers. There’s a party and events space room, with a 30-foot climbing wall and its own sound system, kept separate from the main room. There’s a bicycle storage area, enough rope and equipment for hundreds of climbers at a time, a full-service locker room, and a high-tech ventilation system ensuring that chalk dust will not be an issue.

The Cliffs at LIC has several membership options, from yearly to monthly to one-time walk-ins. Basically, The Cliffs at LIC puts almost as much energy and emphasis on customer service and community building as it does on its physical facilities. Which, like I said, is awesome news for us all.

Indoor climbing walls nearly done at The Cliffs LIC - TF Cornerstone

Indoor climbing walls nearly done at The Cliffs LIC. Memberships already available.


Grab Your Membership now at The Cliffs LIC

The Cliffs at LIC is located on 44th Drive in Long Island City, between 21st and 11th Streets, within easy walking distance of the E, M, 7, and G trains. The facility is slated to open on May 4 and there’s lots more info about everything here.

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