The Best Burgers in NYC Can Be Found at The Counter in Times Square

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Something about being America just makes you always want to know you’re eating at the best burger spot in your city. Numerous places have held the title of best burgers in NYC over the past few years but, as they reached mainstream status, they seemed to lose their winning recipes. My buddies and I grew far too tired of eating burgers at Five Guys and The Shake Shack when we heard about what was deemed an amazing place called “The Counter.”

The Counter, a burger restaurant in Times Square

The Counter: Times Square Restaurant Meets Burger Haven

The Counter is a restaurant in Times Square that advertises their product as “custom built burgers.” A friend from out west told us these restaurants are all over California; however, this 42nd street location is the only restaurant location in New York. As soon as you enter the restaurant you are greeted by a host with a clipboard and a pen. The Counter offers over 300,000 burger combinations and a quiz like application is given to you to decide every last detail that goes into your sandwich. I went with the 1 pound burger and was terrifically surprised when the patty was far bigger than the actual bun. See if your man enough to take one of these bad boys down, with fries.

The Counter in NYC offers endless toppings for your burger

The Counter NYC's half pound burger

Burgers with the Boys in NYC: A Casual Atmosphere in Times Square

The inside of the Times Square restaurant had a really cool interior design and me and my boys sat there for almost an hour trash talking each other about fantasy football. There are large window panels all around the restaurant so you can sit and observe the beauty of Times Square if you happen to come alone. After you’ve somewhat digested your burger, you have got to try one of their vanilla milkshakes. I’m a real peculiar guy when it comes to buying shakes, and this place was on the money. It will be hard for us to ever get tired to this place when they offer so many different blends of ingredients and preparation styles for our burgers.

The Counter in New York's Times Square Dining Room

The Counter in New York is located at 7 Times Square between 41st St. and Broadway. Open 11am-11pm Sunday through Wednesday and 11am-1am Thursday-Saturday, The Counter in NYC is a perfect spot for post-work burgers.

The Counter on Urbanspoon

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